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Poster: karen raymond Date: Mar 18, 2007 7:39am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Downloading speeds

yes, i just figured that out and just purchased quicktime pro which will let me make fragments of downloaded film. I'm trying to put together a video for my mother's 95th birthday celebration which will feature a family bus ride to each of the 3 places the family lived in NY from the early 1900's to 1960's. BUT will i be able to take this MPEG4 fragment to Roxio VideoWave and add it to the video i've already made? so far i have a great film featuring the 3rd Ave El which connected all 3 places, and the bus will follow the old route while we watch the El train make its journey! i could get really addicted to doing this!

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Poster: Bridgewater Video Date: Mar 19, 2007 10:02am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Downloading speeds

Hi Karen, I suspect you can convert the Quicktime clip unless it has a copyguard on it. I am not so sure if Videowave will convert your Mpeg-4 (what version/year do you have)? If not, Quicktime pro may be able to convert to another format you can use. For what its worth, I find most Mpeg-4s to be heavily compressed. If you are editing, I suggest that if a less compressed format is available you might want to try/use it. Mpeg-2 files tend to work better for me. The less compressed the better. Post back later and let the forum know how the video works for you if you get a chance. Best wishes on your video!